* What and amazing result. My legs have never looks so slim and sexy. I feel fantastic and HIGHLY recommend this product. Thank you so much!! Zap the Fat.  

Rhonda Janse


* After looking on line and talking to some people I came across African Mango Drops. I was doing some research on to it all and found this product here local. I have told my mum and she too has bought the product and has lost 7kg. We now finally understand how to eat right and combined the right foods as there food programme, combined with the drops has showed us. Thank you Thank you

Steven Richards

Cairns, Lost 9Kg

* I’ve tried a number of products to lose weight over the years, but I have never seen the results I get with the African Mango Drops. I’ve lost just over 4kg in 6 days. It’s the first time I’ve been under 70kg in the past year. Really happy with the results, thanks Zap Mango Drops.

Tracee Harris

Sunshine Coast, Lost 9 Kg

* I only had a few kilos to lose. As I have tried to do this for 2 years , I went up down up down with my weight, until now. I bought the drops in 2015 January and I have lost the five kilos and keep it off. Thaaaaankkkks Sahara.

Sahara Williams

Adelaide, Lost 5Kg

* I was having surgery in two months, and was desperate to lose weight. If I dint lose 10 kilos the surgery was too risky. I weight 145kg.

I bought the Mango Drops and have done the  course twice and have lost 18kg and I feel amazing…..couldn’t believe it worked. I had surgery and my life has change thanks.

John Right

Gold Coast, Lost 18Kg

* I am so excited to say I have lost 19kilos. I have tried everything taken everything and nothing has shifted the weight so easy as the Mango Drops. I have told all my friends and they to combined have lost 34 kilos we are telling everyone so happy and healthier than I have ever been in my life.


Gold Coast, Lost 19Kg

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