You’re ready to order your African Mango Drops, or have received your order and wondering, what now? Firstly, congratulations on taking the initiative to change your life for the better by losing weight. The Zap the Fat Food Program in conjunction with the African Mango Drops gives you a program that will work with your body to access all those hard to reach fat stores and will literally re-sculpt your body to reveal a slimmer, shapelier you!

It’s not only about how you look. Did you know extra unwanted fat releases inflammatory chemicals into the body and is a precursor for a number of nasty diseases? This program aims to add years to your life and allow you to enjoy life to its fullest without always stressing about your weight or food.

Tips to Get Started

Download the Food Program
– Download the African Mango Drops Food Program from our website
– Read over the quick start guide below a few times so you have a good understanding of what you are committing to.

Plan: Convenience is Important to Success
– Create weekly menus
– Create a weekly grocery list
– Do your shopping so you have all items on hand

Prepare: Work Ahead of Time
– Weigh, cook and portion out several protein items ahead of time
– Freeze for easy accessibility

Commit: Select a Start Date
– Choose a date that is the beginning of your new adventure
– Write it down so you are less likely to delay the start! You can even tell family or friends if you are looking for extra support.

Journal It: Write about Your Journey
– Have a notebook or journal devoted to your Zap the Fat journey and weight loss protocol
– Before your start date, journal all the reasons why you wish to lose weight
– Look at your reasons daily to remind you of your commitment to completing the protocol and reaching your goals.

Set Your Goals: You Decide
– Set your goals in your journal as well as your weight loss objectives. Be specific, eg. 5kg to 12kg or even 20kg. Whatever your goal is, write it down.

Hints to Prepare Your Body for the Program
• Try to drink up to three litres of pure water daily, avoiding water in plastic bottles. • Add a good squeeze of lemon juice to your morning water upon rising • Herbal teas instead of coffee • No fried, processed, take away or sugary foods • Organic everything if possible – try to include organic apples to help regulate blood sugars and reduce cravings, Grapefruit is also very cleansing for the body.

Remember, all your information is in the Food Program PDF and you can always contact us if you can’t find the answers you are after on our website or Food Program PDF.